Monday, July 14, 2008

Ocean City!!

We went to Ocean City on Sunday with Tyler and Lindsay. It took us 3 hours to get there and Easton slept the whole time!! I have such a good baby!! They all went boogie boarding and Ty tried to make me go but I was being a baby. I usually love stuff like that but I didn't want to be sandy and salty..Ha! It was so nice to go out and do something with Ty! I feel like the only time I see him is when it's time for bed!! We had so much fun though and I can't say enough how good Easton was. He chilled underneath an umbrella and loved the sand between his toes!
Of course we got our funnel cakes and the best drink I've ever had!
I couldn't tell you what I'm pointing at.  I love Lindsay!! She's such a good friend. It was weird to think we were in Maryland. Ty kept saying he felt like he was in Mexico!! Wasn't even close to feeling like that!
us 4 on the beach!! I want to be there right now!
Ty and Ty got all this supplies from random people on the dock to catch a crab. Lindsay and I thought there was no way they were going to catch one! The first time they pulled the cage up there was a tiny crab in it!! It was so cool!!

Linds and I went on the little sling shot ride and it was the best ride I've ever been on!! I screamed the whole time. It shot us 220 feet up in the air and then we fall back towards the ground facing it! It felt like we were going to face plant into the ground. It was such a rush!!


Stacy Hanna said...

I absolutely love the beach! I am jealous that you guys were there yesterday! Too bad it wasn't closer, or us wives could just go all the time!

Brandon and Kacie Hanna said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!!! I loved it and would love to go again before the summer is over!!!

ashley kay said...

Whit, you guys are so cute--your pics could be a postcard for Ocean City!